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charminglims's Journal

Charming LIMS: A Charmed Last Icon Maker Standing
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Welcome to charminglims. There are several other Charmed LIMS out there but not quite like this one.

Mod: unspell

Header inspired by jillrenay.
A LIMS community is when many icon makers compete in a set of challenges, and slowly are eliminated until we get the Last Icon Maker Standing. Each round will be focused on a certain character/actress from Charmed. Once that round has been completed we'll move on to the next theme.

(taken from p3_lims)

1. You must join and friend the community in order to participate in the challenges.

2. Round One Sign-Ups are now open. Please read through all the rules first before signing up.

3. Each Sunday, I will post a new challenge which will have a photoshoot and/or screencap from the particular theme/character of the round. Pay attention to all the rules that are posted with the cap and/or picture. You will then create an icon using only the picture provided, but you will be allowed any textures, brushes, text and gradients unless otherwise specified.

4. Every Friday, your icon will be due. You will reply with the picture and URL of the icon as a comment to that week's challenge post. All comments are screened and icons will remain anonymous until voting is over.

5. Every Friday or Saturday, depending on me, I will post that week's icons and voting will start. Voting rules will be stated in the post. So read them carefully.

6. Please do NOT vote for your own icons! That defeats the purpose of this competition. You can, however, vote positively or negatively for any icons except your own.

7. Your icon cannot be posted anywhere or be a userpic for any LiveJournal account until the voting is over. Failure to remain anonymous will cause disqualification.

8. Every Sunday, the winner for that week, along with a mod's choice, member’s choice and the icon makers disqualified will be posted in a nifty little table.

9. You are allowed up to two skip chances, but you must notify me prior to when voting goes up. I’ve had trouble before this with this rule, that’s why it’s here. If you fail to notify me that you want to use your skip chance, you will automatically be disqualified. Skip Chances Post is here. The only challenge that you are not allowed to skip is the first one, and if you make it to the final round, the last.

10. Be able to handle possibly negative things about your icons. It's nothing personal, as all entries are anonymous. If you can't take being voted out, then this isn't the competition community for you.

11. The winner, in addition to awe and applause will recieve a personalized banner which displays your achievement.

12. Please include "prudence" somewhere in your comment when you sign-up so we know you've read the rules.

(in order that they'll be done)
Prue Halliwell/Shannen Doherty
Piper Halliwell/Holly Marie Combs
Phoebe Halliwell/Alyssa Milano
Paige Matthews/Rose McGowan
Prue - Piper - Phoebe
Piper - Phoebe - Paige
Prue - Piper - Phoebe - Paige
The Men
Ships - I'll specify which one when I get to it.
[more to be added, order to be possibly changed]


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